6 practical ways to bring peace into your home.

Hi, beautiful friend!

Have you ever felt like your home is drowning in chaos, discord, or anxiety? Maybe your husband doesn’t like to come home. Or maybe your kids don’t feel like your house is a safe place. That, my friend, is a lack of peace.

Today we are talking about how to bring peace into your home because we all need it.

So many words come to mind when I think about peace—tranquility, coziness, calm, joy, certainty, mind-ease, etc.

In a nutshell, peace is freedom from disturbance. It’s when whatever craziness is happening outside doesn’t affect what happens inside.

This concept applies to our homes as well.

We can craft an oasis from the world in our homes. We can make our homes a place set aside for rest and not toil. We can give our children a safe place to grow and be themselves.

And what better time to work on this than now.

Now is the time, sweet friend—the time to take back control over our living space and steer our homes back to peace.

Here are some practical ideas to get you started on your journey to bring peace to your home.

1) Learn a better way to resolve conflict.

So the first thing we need to discuss is quarrels. Arguments are a repellent for peace. Now, I’m not suggesting you avoid conflict.

I’m merely suggesting you find a better way to resolve disagreements.

When it comes to arguments, you want to strive to build bridges of understanding instead of seeking to be right and prove your point.

What I mean by that is that, in conflict, it is of utmost importance to prioritize making the other person feel safe over winning an argument.

Look, I know it is hard. I’m a Spanish spicy feisty woman, or at least I was. God has done a miraculous work in me and, although I’m nowhere near where I dream to be, I’m a very different person now.

If this way of resolving arguments doesn’t come easy to you, then ask God to help you, and He will. If you are willing to let go of your desire to be proven right, then God can do a mighty work in and through you.

2) Declutter.

We all feel better working in a neat area rather than a cluttered one.
A clean and neat space allows us to think clearer. It removes distractions. It allows us to focus on the task at hand.

So take time to go through the spaces in the house that you need to declutter and just tackle them.

Get rid of that which you haven’t used in months. Give up on those gadgets that you didn’t even remember you had because they are never going to serve you. Throw away the things that don’t bring your family joy. This way, you can make room for items that do bring joy to your family.

3) Put boundaries in place

Adults and kids thrive on boundaries. Knowing what is happening and how things are going down, create a sense of stability in us, and that is comforting.

Boundaries can be applied for pretty much everything.

They can be applied to how much time we dedicate to different tasks? Who do we allow in our homes? Whichever topics are encouraged and which are prohibited?

Boundaries are fantastic pointers that let you get to your goal with the least amount of hiccups possible.

4) Play worship music as often as possible.

When I feel like I’m losing control of my house’s atmosphere, this is my number one way to take it back.

Worship is a powerful weapon.

I have a couple of playlists that are curated to exalt Jesus. His name is so powerful that at the sound of it, the enemy flees, and everything bows.

When my children start whining, yelling, complaining, or fighting, I turn on the TV and begin to play worship music, doing this, instantly changes everything.

5)Ask God for peace for yourself, first.

You can’t give something you don’t own. Seeking peace for yourself is a journey within itself. But it’s a necessary journey.

I would suggest you study everything the Bible has to say about peace. Doing that will renew your mind and bring more faith to you. Beliving God’s word makes it easier to receive His peace for you.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Peace is one of those gifts. It’s a peace that is unshakable, undisturbed, unmovable, and resilient.

You can’t mustard it. It’s gifted.

When you are unbothered by what happens outside, then you can transfer that same peace to your home.

As women, we are the thermostat of our homes, and we determine how hot or cold it is. That’s a great privilege but also a great responsibility.

When the mother of the house is in a lousy head scape, everyone feels it.

So spend as much time as you need until you find that peace in Jesus.

6) Pray for your home.

Our homes are our most significant ministry. God has entrusted us to manage, groom, and grow our homes. That’s why praying for it is pivotal to bring peace into it.

Pray that the peace of God is released in your space.
Pray that the Lord would cancel any demonic strategy to steal your home’s peace.
Pray that every unclean spirit sowing fear, distraction, and confusion would be bound in Jesus’ name.


In conclusion, if you want to bring peace in your homes, you can learn a better way to argue, go through your house and declutter it, put boundaries in place, play worship as often as possible, ask God to give you peace personally, and pray for your home.

I hope this helps. Do you have any other ways you bring peace in your home?

Tight Hugs,

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