3 Ways How my Childhood Affects my Motherhood.

Hey there, beautiful friend. 

It’s finally starting to cool down just a little bit here in Florida for fall. So, it’s no longer 89 degrees at night; now it’s about 83.

That might not seem like much to you, but that’s the difference between needing two showers per day or just one. So, that’s a lot for me. I’m looking forward to saving a little bit in my water bill.

But this weather gets me so excited, not just because it’s more enjoyable, but also, because it means that the holidays are just around the corner. 


And with the holidays come new opportunities to create fun new traditions and experiences some already-established ones. 

Traditions and holidays are the first way of how my childhood affects my motherhood.

If you don’t know yet, my parents didn’t raise me. My mom came to the USA when I was about three, so she can provide for my sister and I. And we stayed behind with my grandparents and Aunt. 

I’m very grateful to have grown up in a loving home surrounded by the best people. However, it was very tough at times when I looked around my life, and all I saw were kids with their parents having a special bond. So my whole life, I’ve long to have that tight inner circle kind of deal. 

It was especially hard when the holidays came around, and all I would be able to get from mom was a phone call. And my dad wasn’t even in the picture by this time, anymore. So I promised myself that when I had my own little family, I would make sure we had our own inner circle especial traditions.

Fast forward 20 years and voila. My husband and I very much enjoy taking any opportunity we have to make our lives more special. 

The second way my childhood affects my motherhood is in how I relate to people. 

 Because my childhood happened before cell phones existed ( I know, I’m dinosaurs and, probably, so are you) It allowed me to enjoy people to the fullest.

I was such a tomboy when I was little. I loved playing soccer with my friends in the streets using an empty water bottle as a soccer ball if we needed. I remember how much I longed to connect with my friends face to face and have 8 hour-long conversations about nothing. 

I miss that feeling. It’s simply not the same talking to someone through a text message or even a phone call. So, as a mom, I try my best to speak to my children face to face looking right into their eyes when I’m trying to connect with them.

I also, let them play outside with friends as often as I can because I want them to feel that freedom to move and explore what’s around them so that life doesn’t just pass in front of them. 

And thirdly, my childhood taught me to love simplicity as much as I love abundance. 

There was a big part of my childhood when we didn’t have much. I come from very humble beginnings. For a time there, we even had dirt floors. 

Yeah, you read that right. I said DIRT floors. Crazy huh? 

But coming from a place of poverty thought me how little you really need to be happy and full of joy.

So as a mom, I teach my kids to appreciate everything we have, including this tiny apartment we live in. We talk about how pretty everything we have is. We run around this small space chasing each other as if we were running through a mansion.

Gifts are not as big of a deal as experiences together are.

I want them to know that what matters most is not WHAT you have, but rather WHO you have to share it. 

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You are so loved.

Tight hugs,


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