5 Ways Motherhood Strengthened My Faith

Hey there, beautiful friend!

I’m excited to talk about a very personal topic today, my faith. Let me tell you how becoming a mother strengthened my relationship with Jesus.

My grandparents and aunt raised me, so motherhood was a sensitive and unknown topic for me. My family did a great job raising me in a loving home, but still, I always wondered how motherhood worked.

I also grew up without a real relationship with God, so this was another uncharted territory in my life.

I started my relationship with God three years before I became a mother, so I entered both worlds relatively in the same season of my life. But when I became a mom, God revealed himself and still does,  to me in a fantastic, profound but straightforward way. And this impacted my faith tremendously; here is why.

1) When I became a mom, I understood what unconditional love was.

The first time I saw my daughter, my heart exploded a thousand ways. It still happens every morning when I see Rhema’s little face in the morning. 

There is nothing she can ever do that would ever make me not to love her.

I had never loved someone unconditionally. I had never experienced a love so deep that it shakes my core every time I think about it. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to protect and love my children. 

So for the first time, I was able to grasp a little bit better how God feels about me. How much He loves me. Motherhood helped me understand a little bit more why God would go through so much to save me. 

2) Becoming a mom increased my trust in God. 

Like I said earlier, I didn’t have a mom growing up, so when it comes to motherhood, I rely on God entirely. Motherhood forces me to depend on Him daily because I need His wisdom and leading every day to be the mom my kids deserve.

And the more God helps me be a better mom, the more I grow to trust Him. I know God will never leave me, and He is always ready to send aid to me. 

There have been so many times when I would fall short as a mom, but God is always there to pick up my slack in my children’s lives and intervene miraculously. 

His proven faithfulness cause my trust in Him to grow.

3) Becoming a mom created a thankful heart in me.

Every time I see my kids run around, or laugh, or wrestle, I look to God and thank Him.

Every moment we spend together as a family makes me feel so thankful. I’m grateful because I know that I don’t deserve any of this. I know this as a fact, but God…

His unmerited blessings and gifts are too many not to be eternally grateful.

4) Becoming a mom made me understand how God feels when I disobey Him.

I think this happens to every Christian parent. 

When Rhema chooses not to listen to me, it hurts me because that means she doesn’t trust me. It also worries me because I know the danger she places herself in unknowingly.

So many times, I have told Rhema the importance of obeying me promptly, and God has whispered in my ear the importance of me following Him immediately as well. 

5) Becoming a mom made me want to be a better daughter to God. 

Everything I expect from Rhema is what God expects from me and more.

I now know how much He wants me to seek Him for guidance, or how much He yearns for my companionship and friendship. 

I understand that he wants me to go to him for help and to count on Him when I need Him.

I know He wants to be there for me in the good times and the bad times. The same way I do with my kids.

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You are so loved.

Tight hugs,


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