The Real Reason Why You Can’t Balance Ministry and Personal Life, And Why You Shouldn’t Try.

Hey, beautiful friend!

Today we are talking about how to balance ministry and homemaking or more like why not to do it. I’m so glad you are here. I’ve been looking forward all day to get a chance to sit down, write this post, and connect with you.

Ok, so I’m in a lot of ministry facebook groups or just real-life groups. So, something I see continuously come up is this desire to separate and divide ministry and personal life proportionately. 

Leaders wanting to find out the best boundaries they can implement so that there would be a clear differentiation between their ministry and personal life.

I’ve been in ministry pretty much since I became a believer. I’ve been in youth ministry, young adults ministry, women’s ministry and now senior leadership. I’ve been in ministry single, engaged, married, and with kids. 

One thing has been clear for me, is that I can’t try to balance ministry and personal life in the sense of trying to separate them. 

I believe that the characters of the Bible show us how whatever we do, whether it is personal or public; we must do it as unto the Lord.

” Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not people.” Colossians 3:23

This is what our Lord modeled for us. He didn’t have a personal life parallel to his ministry life. It was all one and the same.

When we try to categorize and divide these, ministry becomes a task or a job. However, ministry is so much more than that. Homemaking, motherhood, marriage are all part of ministry not separate from it. 

The problem in trying to categorize our life is that it permits us to live different lives and act in different ways. It makes one area holy and the rest mundane. 

We are called to live our whole life as a ministry. So, whether you are teaching at Church or having alone time with your family, God has called you to treat both in the same manner. With respect and honor, as unto God. 

God will use every part of your life to minister to others if you let Him.

Now, I believe this might be shocking to some because there are thousands of blogs telling you how to achieve “balance” in ministry and personal life. Listen, I know that there are boundaries that can help your whole life flow together better.  I love me some good boundaries. However, they shouldn’t have the purpose to divide your life. They should be there to help merge it.

I would challenge you to change your perspective of ministry and instead of seeing ministering to people as a separate category of your life, look at it as a different manifestation of your ministry. 

Our whole life is a message to the world. We are walking love letters of God to people. 

People are looking at our lives. Not just our lives in Church but our whole lives. We should show them that spending all of our energy living for God, intimately knowing him and passionately serving him, is the best thing we can do.

So the reality of ministry is that there is no balance because our whole life is our ministry and EVERYTHING we do, we do it as unto the Lord.

That’s it for today beautiful. If you liked this post, make sure to subscribe and join this family down below. Also, if you want to be part of this conversation, please leave me your comments, and I would love to talk more about this. 

You’re so so soooo loved,


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