5 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids About Jesus That You Haven’t Thought About.

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Today’s topic is something I’m super passionate about because I believe that the most impactful ministry I have is the legacy I leave my children.

I’m the first Christian in my family, and I daydream thinking how in 5 to 6 generations down the line, hopefully, my great-great grandkids’ kids won’t know that there was once a time our family didn’t love and served Jesus.

I feel so privileged to be used by God to change the course and destiny of my family.

So, off course, I work hard to do everything I can, so my children grow up to love and serve the Lord. I feel like it takes a little more effort and leaning on the Holy Spirit because I make things up as I go and also, pay close attention to the Bible’s instructions about raising children in the way they should go.

So here are the five simple ways you can teach your kids to love God too.

1._ Pray continually throughout the day.

It’s not just of utmost importance that you pray and have alone time with the Lord, so he helps you be the mom you are called to be. It’s also extremely crucial that your kids see you praying.

Kids don’t do what you tell them to do. They do what they see you doing.

So here are some examples of how you can do this practically:

When something good happens in your home, teach them to praise God for it immediately.

Before you send them to school, pray with them in the car for God to take control of their day.

When your family needs something, go to God and ask for it together.

If someone gets hurt, teach your kids to pray for healing first before you run to the medicine cabinet.

Always include prayer in your routines like before meals and before bedtime.

2._ Read to them about Jesus.

I love how many resources we have as Christian moms nowadays.  I read to my kids pretty much every day before bed about Jesus. I use this book called The Jesus Storybook Bible, and you can find it HERE.

However, I also love to hit the dollar tree because they have a lot of books and activity books about the people in the Bible.

I started reading to them when they were just babies. Also, I’m not going to lie; at times, I felt like it wasn’t making any impact or difference in them. However, from a very early age, my kids recognize who Jesus is, and they love hearing about him. So, I think it was worth it. Besides, you won’t believe how many times I’ve SOBBED trying to get through a story because it reminds me of the great sacrifice Jesus did for us and how much He loves us.

3._Arrange playdates and activities with other Christian families.

Bringing your kids around other Christian kids is a way that your kids will learn about Jesus by osmosis.  The Bible says, “Bad company corrupts good morals.” in 1 Cor 15:33

You want to help them develop godly friendships so that they won’t have a hard time creating core beliefs and values.

Look, this way of teaching your kids about Jesus requires much intentionality and even planing. However, your kids must be able to implement and stick to your teachings and convictions, and this is a very effective way to help them do that.

4._ Create a list of Christian shows they can watch on tv or smart devices.

To be honest and a little vulnerable here, our kids have a lot more screen time than we would like them to. We are not perfect, and our kids live in this day and age where smart devices are always around.

So we’ve decided that we will utilize those times they are watching shows as opportunities to strengthen their faith.

Because realistically they can only watch VeggieTales on Netflix for so long, we have a list of different shows our kids rotate through. Some of those shows we find on Youtube like “Superbook” or, “The Beginner’s Bible.” Other, we find in JellyTelly, which is a monthly subscription program filled with fun modern biblical shows.

5._  Remind them how their actions make Jesus feel.

In other words, take the “what would Jesus do” mantra and apply it as what would Jesus feel. I believe that one of the essential things Christians are missing nowadays is The Fear of The Lord. That reverence and holy respect we owe to God for being God. So an excellent way to teach kids The Fear of The Lord is to bring up how their actions affect God and what does He think about them.

So, instead of saying, “What you did was wrong,” I tell my kids, ” What you did makes God sad. He loves you, and He made you gentle and kind, so please stop acting out of character.”

That’s just one example of thousands of ways you can tell them what God thinks about their actions and remind them of who they are in Christ.

My formula is something like always say what God thinks about the situation and then how they can act in a way pleasing to God instead.

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2 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways To Teach Your Kids About Jesus That You Haven’t Thought About.

  1. Pastor Paola, thank you for sharing such important and valuable information to help those with children bring honor to the Lord.
    Great work !!


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