3 Easy Ways To Instantly Become a Better Host.

I remember when that word, ” hospitality” used to make me feel so uncomfortable and confused.

I seriously thought to be hospitable, you had to allow people that make you uncomfortable violate your personal space, eat your groceries and waste your time.

Needless to say, I’ve come a long way since then.

God showed me what true hospitality looks like and how much value it brings to your life. Yes, I said yours, not just others.

God had put it in my heart to grow in hospitality and all of a sudden books and documentaries on this topic would pop up everywhere I was. As if a divine strategist had put a plan in motion to make me more hospitable.

These are some things God taught me about this area:

Hospitality is not nearly as much about anything external, as it is about the position of your heart towards others.

Yes, making sure your house is clean and tidy is important. But it will never be more important than your attitude when your guest come through the door.

Have you ever said, “hi” to someone and immediately noticed that something is wrong with them even before they have said anything? That’s because most of us have a measure of discernment and we can feel intangible things.

In the same way, you can make someone feel welcomed and cherished with a messy house or like a burden and unappreciated with clean picked up house.

The good news is that, although we might not always have control over how clean our house is, we can always take control of our attitude.

So remember friends, always put attitude over appearance

You don’t need much to be hospitable. Instead, you should make much of what you already have.

When I had just given birth to my first child, we lived in a little 650 square feet efficiency. Rhema, my first child, had just been born 3 days before Thanksgiving Day so we had just planned to spend the holiday on our bed and order take out.

Our best friends decided that that wasn’t good enough. So they cooked a whole Thanksgiving meal, packed it to go and brought it to our house to spend the holiday with us. We had a tiny itty bitty table for two so we put all the food there and on the small counter we had. We had an amazing time and, until this day, that has been the most special best Thanksgiving day we have had. Friends, you don’t need to have a lot to create a lot of amazing memories.

Hospitality is not about how many beautiful centerpieces or house decorations you have to show off. It’s not about how trendy your table setting looks. Or how many cheese platters and made from scratch dishes you have to offer. Hospitality is looking at what God has placed in your hands and using that in the best way you can, to make others feel loved.

Hospitality becomes less intimidating when you are doing it with the right motives.

If looking good and showing off is why you want to invite people around you for, then off course that’s going to be a hard thing to accomplish. Especially because no one is all that and a bag of chips.

But if you just want to connect with someone to establish a stronger relationship, or to reach out to the new person to make them feel included, or if you just want to give someone who is going through a hard time a safe place to let their guard down and express themselves, then you would realize how little other things matter.

If you feel like being a great host is some type of unreachable goal that you will only achieve in your old age, then I would encourage you to take a moment and meditate about why do you want to be a great host and how will hosting make a difference in people’s lives.

Let me know in the comments where are you in the hospitality business are you a beginner with a desire to start hosting people or are you an expert with some tips to share with me?

I hope this helps,


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